home again, home again, jiggety jig

i spent forever on the phone with the airline yesterday.  i couldn’t remember what flight number bh was on or what time it landed and they couldn’t find bh.  i knew he was on a plane.  i had seen his itenerary on their website, under his frequent flier code just the day before.  they insisted he wasn’t.  even said, “i’m sorry,  mrs. bh, but mr. bh has no scheduled flights until the end of oct.”  and after much torture – if i’d been right beside her i would have given indian burns – i was transfered to someone higher up than the little person i’d been talking to – a not quite so little person.  and i believe they must have been reading from the same script because after telling him i knew he was flying today, i knew it, i knew it, i knew it – mr. not quite so little said, “i’m sorry, mrs. bh, but mr. bh has no scheduled flights until the end of oct.”  i tried a different tactic. i did my best to let him hear the sad, frazzled wife who has been home alone with her kids for 2 weeks and just wants to have another adult in the house desperation in my voice.  tried to find the balance between really sad, very ill and somewhat maniacal.  it didn’t work.  finally, they wore me down.  i thanked the wee little man, i mean mr. not quite so little, hung up the phone and began to do a little investigation of my own.  and lo and behold victory!  i found him… on a different airline – but i was right about the itenerary, it had been on the first airline’s website.

 oops, consider this my official apology ms. little person and mr. not quite so little.  my bad. 

the story ends well, left work, picked the kids up from school, ran home headed to the airport and got there just on time… oh, but the plane was delayed.  only half an hour, but it seemed an eternity.  every person who came down the hall was cause for the kids to jump up and yell, “is that daddy??”  and i was able to shatter their dreams every time and say, “no, daddy hasn’t become a woman/teenager/changed color/grown a foot/lost or gained 50 pounds”  i was beginning to believe they had forgotten what he looked like.  just when all hope was lost and we’d sat down in the chairs and hung our heads in utter defeat he walks up…

so bh is home.  the house is clean.  and all is well with the world… 

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