count day

way back when, you know, when i was in school, we went to school because we were supposed to. i was never bribed – at least not by the school itself. but today at the school my kids attend and the high school where i work we’ve resorted to bribery. my kids attend a k-8 charter school and not only was today no uniforms, but every kid who showed up got a free t-shirt. the high school i work at is also a charter school and they had a free barbecue and ice cream social for the kids at lunch and they are having drawings for prizes, including ipods. why the big deal? it’s count day. the schools receive funding for every student they have and today’s attendance is where they get that number from. there are hoops that can be jumped through to get funding for a kid who doesn’t show today, but it sure is easier if all of them are here today.

i want a count day at my house. i want one day a year that if i show up i get free stuff and everyone is excited to see me. and for days and weeks ahead of time i want to hear about how important it is that i be present on the mommy count day. and mommy count day can’t be my birthday.

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