say it ain’t so

i’ve been flipping through culture shock! thailand – secretly believing i really don’t need this book because i’m so very adaptable – and i came across this…

“thais have a great sense of humour but they don’t like sarcasm.”

i’m not sure i can survive in a culture that doesn’t embrace sarcasm. weird food – no problem, no daisy dukes and bikinis – piece of cake, don’t wear my little black dress to a party – can do, but no sarcasm – i won’t be able to open my mouth for fear of what might fall out. i have yet to find this in the book, but i’m betting they don’t go in for passive aggressiveness, either. this doesn’t bode well.

however, i have found something else in the book that gives me a small glimmer of hope.

“one of the most pleasant aspects of thai small talk is the zest for flattery. try to keep your ego within limits when everything about you is being praised.”

this doesn’t quite make up for the no sarcasm thing, but it’s a start…

3 thoughts on “say it ain’t so

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