what’s so great about thursday

thursday is my favorite day of the week. i love thursdays. when thursday gets here it means it’s almost friday – it’s almost the weekend. i don’t want to waste my favorite day on friday, the first day of the weekend, because when friday’s over it’s a little sad – because it’s over. but when thursday’s over life is still great because it’s friday and the whole weekend is still ahead of me. also, my kids’ school doesn’t have a hot lunch program, what’s that got to do with thursdays being my favorite day – well, friday is pizza friday (or chic-fil-a friday) that means no lunches to pack for friday, no debating as i’m falling asleep thursday night whether or not i should get up and pack their lunches. and i know when i wake up friday morning i won’t have to stress because i decided not to get up and pack them the night before. and this particular thursday, today, is fantastic because it feels like fall – it was cool enough this morning for a sweatshirt and cool enough again tonight to wear a sweatshirt.

oh, i love thursdays.

One thought on “what’s so great about thursday

  1. Okay, I’m a little behind in my reading, but I can see why we have always been great friends…Thursday is my favorite day of the week as well. It is all about the anticipation of Friday!!

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