sad, sad, sad

lb is missing bh. she’s about as sad as sad gets. there’s a quote from william cowper, an 18th century poet and hymnodist, that pretty much sums up how she feels…

“absence from whom we love is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair.”

at least that’s how she feels at this moment. it comes and goes. she’s a kid and her focus changes often. i’m not sure exactly what triggers this sadness, but i do understand why she feels it. bh used to travel all the time, but he was home for 7 months – and by home i mean here 24/7 not going to an office or anywhere else, at least that’s how it seemed – did i mention he was home 24/7. for a kid i’m sure that was fantastic. constant access to dad – he was available anytime and pretty much all the time. he’s a great dad. and she’s older now. it think all of that combined is what makes it hard. it’s easy for me to say, “it’s just a season” and know that’s true; but to a kid that means nothing – it’s just words…

and now midblog it seems she’s moved on. no longer a care in the world. “what’s for dinner?” “can i go out and play?” i haven’t even had time to google how to help your child when she’s in despair over a dad who’s temporarily gone. oh, well. time to get dinner done and help with homework. life goes on.

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