just like paris and nicole – before

bh has a bff and i’m jealous. not because they are friends, but because this bff is needy. i like the guy, i really do. he’s a great friend and accountability partner for bh. but did i mention he’s needy? bh will be in town for four days this week and before i could schedule any time with him bff had already staked his claim. not that i’m interested in the same time period – but i think i should get first dibs – i mean really i am the wife. i have seniority, i sometimes do the dishes and vacuuming; he does nothing but take up time. i realize to them it’s much more than that – but to me when i’m grouchy and needy myself, like right now, it comes across as preference. and i really, really, really want to be the favorite.

One thought on “just like paris and nicole – before

  1. okay so I’m not as needy as bh’s bff but how’s about an honorable mention or something?

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