my bad

bh and a11 are heading to bangkok today to look at and hopefully get a harp. it was my job to book the flight. and about 10p last evening i remembered they were e-tickets and i needed to print them out. no biggie, until i print them out. today is march 12, the plan was to fly there and back on march 12.


hmmm… surely i can fix this. i booked them online, i’ll just book more. so i do, and i get as far as entering passenger information when i get the message you must book 23 hours in advance. oops. but i refuse to give up now. i know, i’ll call thai airlines. but part of me is resigned to have failed at this task. i’m sure they won’t be open this late and even if they are they won’t speak english. i’m ready to call it quits. but wait, the phone is answered – by a machine, but it’s still answered. and there is the option to press 9 for english. praise God. i start to get a little panicky when i’m on hold for a long time, but i finally get through to someone with wonderful english, amazing english. i know, i need to learn thai. and she can book the tickets. and cancel the other reservations, even though they are nonrefundable – my bad. and she can answer questions about flying with oversized luggage – you know, like harp sized luggage. and i don’t have to explain to a11 why she is going to school instead of harp shopping. whew. that’s a relief. i sure wish i’d paid attention to get the number of the phone representative so i could write a glowing thank you that would get her a bonus or maybe a raise or maybe a promotion or possibly all three of those things. because she deserves it.

party time

so, i saw this blog party thing weeks ago, way back when i could have been one of the first 100 on board. but thought, “nah. i think i’ll pass.” then i started getting party posts in my rss feed. and i thought, “well, if they’re doing it i really, really want to do it, too. cuz they’re cool.” oh, yeah, and they’re giving away prizes and i like to win things. so i decided i’m gonna do this party thing. and now, i’m gonna be in the first 1500 or so on board.

baa baa.

any way, welcome to the party at my blog. sorry about the state of things, see i’ve recently been transplanted over 8000 miles from colorado springs, co, usa to chiang mai, thailand. so the house is a little bare and i haven’t really gotten the hang of cooking on my two burner propane stove. but we’ll have a good time anyway. let me introduce you to some folks -

there’s bh, it stands for better half – or on really bad days it could stand for something else, so i’ve been told, but i would never have thought of that on my own, really. i. never. would. have.

img_1133.jpg bamboo-raft-sleepy-bh.jpg

there’s also c13, who might be the best teenager ever. no, really. i’m not being sarcastic – he is the best.


a11’s here, too, wonder girl extraodanaire, a most delightful girl.


and, last but not least, s8. the baby of the crowd, which also means the clown. and boy is he funny.


and now it’s time to get down. and we’re gonna blog party like we’ve never blog partied before – which we haven’t.

and since i’m feeling lucky, i’m thinking i might win something. like maybe one of these

and if any of those aren’t available then perhaps 136, 11, 115, 148 or anything else knitty/crafty or note cards. and i know i appear to be international, but i do have a mailing address in the states.

boxes of love – thank you, nanny!

  1. is proof that nanny is amazing. it’s three necklaces, but we only needed one of them. when we left colorado, a11 and 2 of her friends were all wearing bff necklaces. a11 had the forever necklace. one day, shortly after we moved into this house a11 and i went for a walk and when we got home she noticed that her necklace was gone. we retraced our steps, we’ve searched all over the house and concluded it was l.o.s.t. and ever since then, a11 will be doing great, then she’ll rub her hand up around where the necklace was and break into tears. so when nanny requested suggestions for what could be sent in a care package i gave her the 411 on the necklace. and she found it. cuz she’s awesome.
  2. webkinz for s8 and a11 – we can’t get them here and really, can you have enough of them?
  3. candy – namely chocolate. i’ve resisted the urge to go through and pick out and hide all the mr. goodbars from the hershey’s miniatures bag.
  4. socks – somehow we made it here with only 6 pairs to split between us. how, i have no idea? could have been that last minute procrastination packing we were doing.
  5. a lovely handmade by nanny frame for a11 to put a pic of her bff in.
  6. peeps – no peeps here either – at least not that i’ve seen.

also in the box was this. we mistakenly left ours at home, didn’t even pack it, thinking we could easily get another here. we were wrong. and c13 hasn’t let us forget how wrong we were. even more exciting is that this ball is officially tackified, just like the real nfl (national football league).


and last, but no where near least, books. an entire box of books and not one of them have i read. there’s even a couple for the kids, too. but i’m not going to tell them, not just yet. i want to read them first.

thank you, nanny!! you’re the best.

chiang mai international festival and balloon glow

we lived in colorado springs for 5 years. and every one of those 5 years we headed out to the annual colorado balloon classic to see the balloon glow. and not one of those years did we actually get to see a glow, each and every time we saw what they called a flame. which means they lit the fires but didn’t have the balloons up. and it wasn’t enough to keep the kids interested. but this year in chiang mai we saw this…


and this…


and this…


and we got to do this*… (since it was dusk, the lighting inside the hot air balloon wasn’t all that great making it somewhat difficult to see that we are standing inside the balloon as they fill it with air)


and this*…



and i found the van of my dreams…


and if you can’t make out just what makes it all that, look at this…


do i really need room for the kids?

earlier in the evening there were hangliders – but they weren’t really hangliders they were something else, i just don’t remember what it was they called themselves…

hangliders.jpg hangliders-2.jpg

and just so you don’t think it was all fun and games, we also were witness to this…

ummm3.jpg ummm21.jpg
i have no idea what he is doing or why he is doing it, but i do know this clown will not be at any of my kiddos birthday parties – well, if any of them were still young enough to want a clown at their birthday party.

and you may have noticed c13 was conspicuously absent from the days activities. he was off at a birthday party – social butterfly that he is.

*the lovely couple who took our picture in the balloon and then let the kids hang out in the basket for a bit were from england. most of these balloons came from bristol, england. they sent the balloons and the baskets by ship in december preparing for a valentine’s event – which is when the international festival was originally to be held. the festival was postponed because of a 100 day mourning period due to the death of the king’s sister.

light language

where i come from when you’re driving down the road and you are trying to switch lanes or make a turn across several lanes of traffic or even make a u-turn it’s not uncommon for someone to flash their lights at you. and that flash of headlight has always been – at least to me – goodwill towards fellow man in action. that gentle flash means please turn in front of me, there is plenty of room and if there isn’t, well, i don’t mind slowing down one bit because the world really is a beautiful place.

it reminds me that people really are good.

they really do want to help.

and they care.

they do.

so picture this, i’m waiting to make a u-turn – cuz you cannot get from point a to point b here without making at least one u-turn – the traffic is somewhat heavy, but i finally get an opening. and this black truck flashes his headlights at me. so naturally, whatever hesitation i might have been feeling evaporated and was replaced with the all to familiar sense of peace and love and everything being right with the world. confidently, i make my u-turn. now, i don’t end up in the same lane as this lovely man but all the same i appreciate his generosity. imagine my suprise when a few seconds later (because this guy wasn’t really all that close and i didn’t need his stinkin’ headlight flash to tell me i could go) this guy pulls up beside me and shoots the finger at me, yes, that finger, the naughty finger. and he doesn’t just shoot it he waves it all around, crazy like. and he’s yelling. and even though my window is up and his window is up i’m pretty sure i can hear what he is saying. cuz he’s mad. like rabid dog mad. and he continues this behavior more than a few seconds and has me scared and confused. all sense of normalcy has now been thrown out the window (well, not really, because if i’d been able to throw something out my window he’d’ve been able to throw something in my window and probably would have.) and this is how i was introduced to the harsh reality that things are different here and not everything is different good some of it is different b.a.d. i have discovered that the headlight flash means something totally different here. it means something more along the lines of stay where you are and don’t even think of turning in front of me because i own this lane – this entire lane from here to infinity – and if you do i will make you so sorry you messed with me. no really, that’s what it seems to mean here. and my experience with this has left me trusting my fellow driver a little lot less.

twenty-four little hours

what a difference a day makes
twenty-four little hours
brought the sun and the flowers
where there used to be rain

~Maria Grever & Stanley Adams

ah, young love. it’s here and i’m basking. cuz today, i bought a new friend. a friend with it’s very own keeping warm plate. (how many of you have friends with a keeping warm plate? come on, be honest.)


and let me tell you, i know my coffee maker – ask me anything, we have no secrets.

so home i come with my new friend, take her out of the box (do you think coffee makers are hers or hims?), read and follow the instructions. which involve running just water – with no coffee grounds – several times through. and while i’m doing this i get the coffee out and read the instructions on the bag. and discover that as hard as i tried to hide it the other day, i am a wuss. this bag of coffee says…


this coffee maker makes 12 cups so that would be 12 tablespoons, not teaspoons, of coffee for one carafe of coffee!! that’s crazy. i can’t imagine what i might do with that amount of caffeine coursing through my veins. so, i used the i’m-a-wuss algebraic formula and determined that instead of 12 tablespoons of coffee i should use about 3.5 tablespoons. and how’d that work out for me?

to the
last drop

actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis – a good hot cup of coffee. ~alexander king

lonely whiner

“loneliness is the first thing which God’s eye named, not good.” – john milton

“friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” – c. s. lewis


the other day i was blog hopping, i’m sure i had numerous other productive things i could should have been doing, but since i was occupied with sliding down into the pit of dispair, i didn’t feel like doing any of them. and i came across this post by trapped under something heavy. (a blog name i love, because who doesn’t love when harry met sally.) and as i read i stopped sliding and started hurtling. hurtled right on down into the depths. i miss having my plans preempted by all kinds of very, very important diversions that having friends brings along. i miss sitting in someone else’s house, having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or a margarita or all three and feeling just as comfortable as i do in my own house. i miss having friends who open the door and come in as they’re knocking. i just miss friends.

my teacher said to stay home

yesterday morning, s8 (yes, once again another s8 tale, seems this week at transplanting me it’s all s8, all the time) comes in and in his sickest, i really mean it, i’m really, really sick voice says, “i have a sore throat and my teacher said to stay home if we’re sick.” i think to myself, hmmm, well, his teacher said to stay home… and then i think, but he did sleep with his window open and more than likely it’s just one of those sore morning throats that will go away in a few moments. and then i think again, well, his teacher did say to stay home. alright then, i say, get back in bed. no movies or video games today. just stay in bed all day and rest your sick throat. i go about the business of getting two other kids to school and as i walk in from dropping them off i am greeted by this…


i know, i’m sure he looks just as sick to you as he did to me. but even better was what was beside him.


what? how? i have no idea. i don’t want to know. i took myself upstairs and put myself to bed. because unlike s8, i can do sick and i’m still doin’ it.