plan b

the family returns tomorrow morning (aly and michael) so tonight is the last night for our scheduled food blog.  we decided on italian and made our way to boutique della pasta.  it had good reviews on trip advisor so i thought we should give it a try.  i checked out their facebook page, found their hours (we weren’t going to make the mistake of arriving early again) and we made our way there.  when we arrived we discovered they were closed today.  this was not disclosed on their facebook page.  i found that slightly annoying because it seems to me that a quick status update letting folks know you are closed seems sort of an easy thing to do.  but what do i know other than they aren’t the only italian restaurant in the game.  so we headed to pulcinella da stefano.


we went ahead with the appetizer to share routine that we’ve gotten so good at.  we ordered the panzerotti.


it was puff pastry, stuffed with cheese and mushrooms and fried.  not sure you could mess that one up.  we both agreed it was good and that it was a pretty substantial appetizer, even when shared.  sam thought it would make a great entree.

for my meal i ordered the gnocchi alla crema di asparagi e ricotta (gnocchi with asparagus mousse and ricotta cheese).


it was a nice dish.  very much what was described.  it would probably fall in the comfort food category.

sam had the calzone.


he said it was good, but it was a little heavy on the spinach and mushroom for his liking.  we probably could have made two perfect calzones out of this one.  i would have taken all the spinach and mushroom and he could have had the meats.

i think we would both say this was a good meal from a restaurant that is probably pretty reliable when it comes to serving good food.

i think it’s possible we will continue our food blogging, but we’ll have to see where our commitment levels fall before we know that for sure.

a lazy saturday lunch

butternut was recommended to me more than once when folks heard i was looking for new places to eat.  i figured it was a good option for a lazy saturday lunch – since it’s not too far from our house.

it’s a cute little restaurant located on a soi on the outside of the east side of the moat.  (just like having a map, i know.)

i went with the mediterranean plate – hummus, falafel, two kinds of tahini, and a tomato salad served along with some soft pita bread.  all the flavors were fresh and bright.  i’d definitely go back just for this.


sam had the grilled cheese.  it was a panini with cheese, bacon, and tomato salsa.  it was as good as it sounds.


we’d also ordered an appetizer.  it came out last, but that’s not uncommon here.  potato croquette.  fried balls of mashed potatoes?  nothing wrong with that.


pizza pie, oh me oh my!

i have a long haul drive to get to my physical therapist’s office.  it’s way on the other side of town.  i mean it’s a serious commitment.  but it comes with some perks.  there’s the massage, the heat packs, the rehabilitation, and there’s also being on the same side of town as pizza n pasta.  so pizza it was for dinner.


sam wanted hawaiian pizza and i wanted sausage and mushroom.  the pizzas here come in big, bigger, biggest, and most biggest ever – all of them are too big for one person.  i’m not sure what size i ordered, i just know it wasn’t the most biggest ever.  went 1/2 and 1/2 with new york crust and new york sauce.  other choices are thick or thin crust and there were two other sauce choices.


we haven’t sampled all the pizza in chiang mai, but we’ve had a lot of it and both of us agreed this was the best we’ve had here.  and, bonus, we had leftovers.

i’ve also discovered that not being able to burn the calories while increasing the intake of calories is not good math.  the rest of the family (or at least the rest of the family who is returning to chiang mai) are home in the next week and a half, how much more damage can be done in that amount of time?  it’s think i might need to reinvent myself as a health and fitness blogger.





4 Corners

i’m not talking about where utah, arizona, new mexico and colorado meet.  i’m talking about burgers.  yummy, yummy burgers at 4corners grill.


sam and i think that sign is dead on – the best burgers in chiang mai.

sam ordered the beef burger – 200g of ground new zealand rib eye (cooked to medium), bacon, n.z. cheddar, fried egg, & beet root – with hand cut fries and house aioli.


he declared it was the best burger in thailand.  not just chiang mai.  and that the fries were in the same category.  that would be the best category.

i had the goat cheese and fig burger – 150g sirloin (cooked to medium), french goat cheese, bacon, & fig relish.  i also had the hand cut fries and house aioli.


i can say that this is definitely the best burger i have had in chiang mai.  and the hand cut fries would most certainly be the best i’ve had in thailand.

*i’ve heard that 4corners used to be known as white plate.


fancy food

saturday night sam and i headed out to the restaurant that is currently ranked the #1 restaurant in chiang mai – according to trip advisor.  dk david’s kitchen at 909.  i had been warned that it was pricey and it was, sort of.   it was special occasion, excellent meal, great ambiance,  wonderful service pricey.  which i think translates to it was totally worth it.


i called ahead and made a reservation for 2.  they asked if it was a special occasion and i made sure to tell them it would be my son and me.  i didn’t want to embarrass him any more than a 14 year old might already be embarrassed to be out for a fancy meal with his mother.

they had a set menu, which looked wonderful, but we went ahead and ordered a la carte.  we started with the crab bisque soup and the pomelo salad.

IMG_1491 IMG_1492

the soup was sweet and creamy, but not at all heavy and the salad was a great balance of tart and sweet, with just a hint of heat.  both dishes were a very nice start to our meal.

after our soup and salad we were served a lovely little lime sorbet palate cleanser.


for our mains sam had the lamb shank.


it was extremely tender – it fell right off the bone – and the mashed potatoes were perfect.  i don’t have a quote from sam for this dish, but when he took his first bite of the lamb his face lit up like he’d just witnessed the most amazing magic trick.  i don’t believe he’s ever had food of this caliber before, at least i know i’ve never prepared anything this good.

i had the beef cheeks.


i confess to not being 100% certain of just what part of the cow the beef cheek comes from and i wasn’t too embarrassed to ask.  turns out it is the actual cheek.  i had no idea there was that much meat on a cow’s cheek.  or that it would be that tasty.  again the potatoes were perfect and the sauce (i think it was a red wine sauce) was such a great complement to the whole dish.

by this point we were full.  but when dessert was offered we both agreed that we might regret not having it since everything else had been so wonderful.

sam ordered the chocolate soufflé and i had the banana flambé.

IMG_1496 IMG_1497

and we were right.  they were divine.  so much better than the pictures.

the only thing that would keep me from ordering any of the dishes we had during this meal would be my desire to try everything else on the menu.  i cannot imagine there is anything on offer that would be less than amazing.

i would definitely categorize this as a special occasion restaurant and i’ve already started looking for excuses to celebrate more special occasions.  isn’t there a saying that every day is a special occasion?


keepin’ it local

tonight sam and i had take away from another neighborhood restaurant.  hinlay curry house.  this cozy restaurant is really just a hop skip and a jump from our house.

IMG_1473 IMG_1474

which is super handy when i don’t feel like cooking (which is most nights) or being embarrassed by the delivery driver arriving at our gate one more time.


tonight sam and i tried a variety of the curries.  we also had the yellow rice and some garlic roti.

IMG_1483 IMG_1482

my food photography skills and my lack of a non yellow/brown plate to serve yellow/brown food on sort of fail me here.  but what you see moving clock wise is –

  • yellow rice
  • mutton dopiaza – delicious pakistani mutton curry with twice as much onion and aromatic spices as the other dishes.  this curry has a thick, tangy sauce with lots of taste.  delightful!
  • pumpkin curry – southern indian-style pumpkin curry.  Mushy, with pieces of tender pumpkin soaked in mild spiced sauce.  the pumpkin gives it a mild sweet flavor.
  • chicken tikka masala – recognized as a “british national” dish nowadays, it is cooked in masala and cream sauce and has a delightful flavor of its own.  best choice when you don’t know what to choose.
  • shrimp masala – shrimps cooked in masala and cream sauce.  has a delightful flavor.

and on the second plate –

  • garlic naan

the descriptions are straight off their menu and all are pretty accurate.  i don’t think you can go wrong with anything, at least all the dishes we tried this evening were very good.  sam’s favorite is the shrimp masala and i am a big fan of the pumpkin curry.


8 weeks

Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks post-op.  which is amazing.  it feels like it’s been forever, but it also feels like my surgery was just yesterday.

i spent week 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 down with an ear infection.  it required me to take some pain killers.  i generally don’t mind living with some discomfort or even a minimum amount of pain (living with is probably not what i mean, temporarily tolerating is more like it.)  when i was asked pre-surgery what level of pain i could deal with i said 4 out of 10.  if we could keep the pain at a 4 i’d be happy.  i think it’s important that i feel at least discomfort and i don’t think pain is a bad thing, as long as it isn’t interfering with my daily life.  the pain reminds me that i’m recovering.  to not push myself.  when i’ve had enough.  so, i haven’t taken much pain killer since my eyebrow stitches incident and i discovered something amazing.  400mg of advil and i was pain free.  like nothing was wrong.  and in a very short amount of time it seemed i forgot i needed to be careful.  i knew not to go crazy – i didn’t start running or lifting or tackling the daily WOD, but i did push my range of motion a little further than i might should have doing my rehab exercises and i was up on my feet a lot.  once i quit taking the pain killers i was hit with a new fatigue and soreness that i hadn’t experienced since before the surgery.  no worries, it wasn’t anything like the pain i’d had pre-surgery, but i could definitely tell i’d done too much.

in order to recover from this i cancelled a few PT sessions.  I did my exercises, but i was much more careful about what i was doing and how i was doing it.  i did my stretches and i was much more conscientious about doing them.  i tend to be lazy when it comes to stretching and mobility work.  which is a little funny because it’s all i seem to do now.  i’m going to meet with a pilates instructor who attends one of my crossfit classes tomorrow.  she’s going to work with me on my core and my alignment and how to get the most out of the rehab i’m doing.  i’m excited about this because pilates is one of the things that has been recommended once i’m cleared to work out.

so, my 8 week report is (for the most part) good.  i’ve tried not to hassle my doctor in the states too much.  i have had a few question for his PA and he’s been good about responding.  the biggest thing i’m guilty of is forgetting this was major surgery.  sometimes the fact that i don’t have a massive scar causes me to believe i just had a little work done.  that shaving bones and repairing the labrum is no big thang.  i’m not considered healed until the 3 month mark (august 29).  that’s when i can begin the real work, because healed is not the same thing as fully recovered.  it’s just when the recovery can really begin – if i’ve done a good job on the rehab that is.